Bath Bombs


Clown Fish

Boost your mood with this bath bomb filled with sweet orange essential oil!

Deep Blue

Feel like you're at the beach with the aroma of bergamot essential oil from Italy and the textures of seaweed and coarse Dead Sea salt!

Mother of Pearl

This sparkling bath bomb is packed with eucalyptus and loaded with Australian eucalyptus essential oil that can relieve cold symptoms, ease joint pain, and promote relaxation.


This bath bomb has moisturizing ingredients as powerful as Poseidon’s trident! With oatmeal, African Shea butter, organic coconut milk, and coconut oil,  your skin will feel silky smooth after this bath bomb!

Sea Anemone

This beautiful bath bomb is packed with organic hibiscus powder and hibiscus petals. Hibiscus will leave your skin looking younger, fresher, and smoother!

Ship Christening

A bath bomb worth celebrating for. Add some bubbly to your bath routine with the sweet effervescent smell of champagne. This sparkling gold bath bomb is hand painted in the shape of a present and filled with an enviro-glitter surprise. 

Each Bath Bomb will come with a FREE bag! 

Make your bath cleanup a breeze with this re-usable all-natural bath bomb bag.  This 100% cotton bag is large enough to fit one bath bomb and can be re-used multiple times, simply hang dry and enjoy!  All of the bath bomb ingredients will stay contained in the bag and keep your tub free of dried botanicals. 

About Beluga Bath Bomb Co.

Beluga Bath Bomb Co is a family business based in Connecticut, USA, handcrafting premium bath products that support whale conservation efforts. BBB believes routine experiences, such as baths and showers, should be opportunities for relaxation and enjoyment. Self-care should not be a luxury, but a daily intent! 

With handpicked, all-natural ingredients, products are carefully designed, tested, and freshly made by our dedicated team. BBB strives to provide a bathing experience that blows them away!

BBB has a passion for ocean protection, education, and research is the foundation of Beluga Bath Company. In addition to donating 10% of our profits to Ocean Alliance, all of our business decisions center around sustainability. BBB's packaging is eco-friendly and their products are animal cruelty-free, biodegradable, and include many organic and vegan ingredients. 

Whale-come to the pod!

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