Hormonal Balance Support (Loose Tea, 2.5 oz)


Hormonal Balance Support combines nutritional adaptogens, powerful antioxidants and healing herbs. This concoction is designed to balance and support women's hormonal and general health, and optimize one's well-being.*

Hormonal Balance delivers a medicinal flavor profile with a kick from the cayenne.

Naturally caffeine-free wellness blend.

Ingredients: Angelica Root, Bupleurum Root, Cyprus, Licorice Root, Blessed Thistle, Cramp bark, Ginger Root, Red Raspberry Leaves, Uva Ursi, Cayenne

Directions: Steep 1 tsp of herbs for every 8 oz of water
Recommended Water Temperature: 212˚F
Steeping Time: 5 - 6 minu

About Arogya

Arogya, meaning "whole health" in Sanskrit.  Aroyga Tea offers authentic and quality teas. Only the highest-grade teas are hand-selected as well as artisan craft teas and wild-harvested rare varietals. Arogya exclusively provide teas in their loose leaf form to ensure a delicious, natural, and truly healthful brew.

We are dedicated to bringing natural products and traditional healing for those who seek balance and well-being as part of a modern lifestyle.

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