Sweet Hibiscus Lip Balm


Made with hibiscus essential oils and natural hibiscus and strawberry flavor, this lip balm is perfectly sweet, with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Hibiscus oil is known to be an excellent moisturizer and helps promote the ultimate in lip hydration. You’ll love the beautiful balm color and the hint of tint it leaves on your lips!

About Mizzi Cosmetics

Mizzi believes in sourcing of products that are made with a combination of safe, sustainable, organic, and natural ingredients.Mizzi lip scrubs and lip balms combine powerful, therapeutic essential oils and several natural emollients with their  signature vegan base. This unique blend works to aide in the healing of dry, cracked, chapped lips and provides significant hydration. It leaves you with hours of long-lasting wear and a beautiful, shiny gloss. You do not have to sacrifice wellness for beauty…you can absolutely have both. Feel effortlessly beautiful with hydrated, healthy lips.

“It is critical for people to understand what they are putting on their skin and the toxicity of many products on the market today. Don’t assume what’s sold on every shelf is safe, even if it’s a brand name. That is why I am so proud of our naturally made, vegan based, beauty products that are safe for the entire family,” says Mizzi Cosmetics Founder Brenda Mierzejewski whose son had open heart surgery at 6 months old and is her inspiration. 

All of our products are backed by the Mizzi Guarantee: Never any petroleum, no chemicals, no toxins, no sulphates, no parabens, no artificial flavors or scents, no animal by products (maybe the occasional beeswax or wild honey) and never animal testing, not ever. 

Mizzi Cosmetics is a women-owned Connecticut based company focused on the art of nature blended beauty.


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