Hi!  I’m Dianne, the founder of Happy Daydream.

Happy Daydream is the second chapter of Merc Collective.  Merc Collective was my daydream distraction as our daughter Reagan's health was in decline.  Merc Collective served as an outlet for me before Reagan's death and after.  As we've worked to find our way in a life without Reagan, I have made a conscious effort to lean more into joy and happiness.  

In leaning into joy and happiness, I realized my business needed to come along on the journey with me.  Happy Daydream is whimsical, colorful and playful - just like my girls, Reagan and Julia.  

Happy Daydream is a shop, a community and a lifestyle with a mission to help you add more meaning to your life and begin to turn your daydreams into realities - one product, gift or class at a time. 

Our products are still mindfully curated to bring you meaningful goods that will make each day more special.  

Happy Dreaming!


Dianne & Julia, a future beauty influencer