A Skin Story...

I’m not totally certain when my infatuation with skin products started but I know I was likely still in middle school.  My mom and I were redoing my bedroom from its childhood state to something more modern.  Since we were in the height of the eighties, a very splashy loud wallpaper adorned with a variety of sharp shapes in red and black on a white background.  The epitome of on trend for then.  We searched and searched for the perfect things to accessorize my room.  Little did I know that one of the pieces we’d pick would help set the tone for what would be a lifelong infatuation.  

From the outside it looked like a plain white desk, nothing fancy…but when you lifted the top open it revealed a multi-compartment tray for all things make-up and skin care.  Once the top was fully opened it turned into a magnificent mirror.  It was so rad (hey, why not use some 80’s lingo while I’m going down memory lane).  This beauty also likely started to blaze the trail for my OCD - but that’s a whole separate blog post.  

As I got older, my plain white desk grew into what my mom referred to as the “chem lab”.  I stored all my lotions and potions in a cart alongside the vanity.  

Flash forward to present day and I am just as infatuated and enchanted with skin care as I was when I was 10.  I love reading the promises products have to offer.  The feeling of opening a new package of the newest product that has arrived never gets old.  The excitement that builds as I open the box and remove the product.  Then opening the container and smelling it and being transported for someplace exotic.  

I can still remember the smell of the products from Key West Aloe that we purchased while in the Florida Keys and that was over 30 years ago.  My mom and I stocked up on so many products.  I have very fair skin that always falls victim to sun poisoning and the Key West Aloe products saved my tender skin.  

The beauty products that I have collected for Merc Collective are transformative - not just only for your skin, but with their aromas.  They will take you to some place exotic, while you are in your very own bathroom.