Real Talk...Mental Health...!

Real talk.  Not all days start out as home runs.  But, I will do what I can to try to make the day into the best base hit that I can.  I had a rough weekend of missing Reagan, our daughter who passed away in April.  I’ve learned that grief, for me is exhausting.  This was one of those weekends when you feel the ache in your bones.  Staying in bed and sleeping isn’t an option with the Toddler Tornado, so I had to get my achy body out of bed and moving.  

I got my body moving, but my head was still in a fog, so I went to the tools that I had at hand.  I got my sage and stones out and got to work.  I’ve got California White Sage, and boy does it burn!  I stunk up our bedroom, but it was worth it.  

My goal was to help remove my negative energy and set the intention for a positive day from that moment on.  I was still and I watched the smoke rise up toward the ceiling and picture my negativity floating away with it.  I also focused on feeling my feet on the ground and tried to reground myself.  Ideally, I’d have done this in the yard, grounding myself to the grass…but this was an emergency and I had to get to work quickly.  Ha!  

Overall, it did improve my negative attitude.  I haven’t smudged myself a lot, but I have smudged the house a bunch.  I usually do it a couple times a year or when I am feeling like the house has stagnant energy.  I will do it more often in Julia’s room if she has a couple nights where she is not sleeping super well.  I think all little kids are sensitive to energy, and it does seem to help.  When you are smudging you want to have a window open, so the negative energy can leave.  

Once I was done with the smudging, I continued to set my intention with my stones.  I sat at my desk with a handful of stones in each hand and continued to set let myself decompress.  Continued improvement to help get me through the morning.  I had to get on a Zoom meeting, so I didn’t have time to do a Palo Santo round, so instead I lit a Palo Santo candle.  It is a nice alternative and give off a lovely calming smell.  Typically after I smudge, I replace the space left from the negative energy with new lighter grace energy with Palo Santo.  

I do understand that some will thing this is hocus pocus and that is okay!  It helped me get through the morning and for that I am thankful.  

My husband always says “move a muscle, change a thought”, so I used my lunchtime to ride on my Peloton.  The ride finally chased the rest of the fog away and then the rest of the afternoon was kick a$$.  

The moral of the story, is don’t ignore your mental health.  Life is too short to not be living every day to the fullest.  Make every day the best day you can.